Carcharodus Collection

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Why collecting butterflies?

A collection is a data base wich documents infomation on the morphology, the DNA and - if correct labels are present - the distribution of lepidoptera in space and time. Set specimens are scientific „data sets“ with the maximum amount of information. They can be used e.g. for the analysis of DNA and micro structures which is not possible with photos.

Collection objects

  1. Imagines (dried specimens)
       Origin: Personal collecting and breeding and incorporaton of Carcharodus specimens from other
       - Coll. A. Olivier / D. van der Poorten (partim)
       - Coll. P. Sonderegger
       - Coll. P. Kames (partim)
       - Acquisition of specimens from collectors (especially material from Asia)
       Number: about 1100 specimens (as of spring 2011)

  2. Imagines in alcohol for DNA analysis

  3. First instars: Dried specimens and specimens in alcohol for REM analysis

  4. Dried leaves and other plant parts for the documentation of feeding marks

  5. Parasitoids

Geographical focus

Central Europe, Greece, Turkey and a smaller number of specimens from France and Spain. Still only few specimens from northern Africa and Asia.

Collection drawer from the collection Olvier / van der Poorten