Related and similar Taxa

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Related genera

Traditionally, the genera Spialia and Gomalia are regarded to be closely related to Carcharodus. Gomalia has clearly similarities with Carcharodus (wing pattern, hyaline spots on the forewings). At least the  male genitalia show considerable differences compared to Carcharodus species. Host plants: Abutilon sp.?


„Haneesh“  Good documentation of the G. elma and its first instars.

Tree of Life  

Flora of Zimbabwe

Look-alike species

The two northern American Celotes species resemble Carcharodus at first look.  Like Carcharodus, they have hyaline spots on their forewings.  However, these are distributed diffrently, and Celotes has spots on the hindwings as well. Moreover, the caterpillars are also different. Host plant:  Abutilon sp.?


Mariposas mexicanas  Pictures of Celotes nessus (butterflies and caterpillars).

Celotes cf. nessus  male
USA, Texas, El Paso   
April 1989

G. elma male

GP B. Alberti

G. elma Aedeagus

GP B. Alberti